18 Of The Best Ace Tattoos For Men in 2024

Ace Tattoo

Maybe it’s a good game of poker, or perhaps you consider yourself a bit of a card shark; an ace tattoo is a fun idea for those looking to add some new ink. Though some card games state that aces play low, they are typically seen as the highest playing card in a deck, meaning that an ace tattoo symbolizes excellence, superiority, and greatness. 

Pairing an ace with another image, such as a heart or spade, can add an even deeper layer of meaning (or represent good luck). Those looking to attract or manifest some extra luck or positive energy in their lives might want to consider this as an ink option.

To add to the inspiration, continue reading for the best 18 ace tattoos for men. Time to let the good vibes roll.  

1. Ace Tattoo

A simple ace tattoo can be anything from the literal letter “A” to the word “ace” written out in a specific font or style that you like. Basically, any ace tattoos fall under this category, whether the inspiration comes from playing cards, tarot cards, or pretty much anything ace-related.  

Ace Tattoo
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2. Ace of Spades Tattoo

Ace of spades tattoos can be done in either red or black ink, symbolizing power, wealth, and good fortune. Said to be a good luck charm, an ace of spades tattoo might be what you need to add some extra positivity into your life. If you want an abstract tattoo, you could even design the ace of spades in a more playful or cartoonish way. 

Ace of Spades Tattoo
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3. Ace Card Tattoo

From the ace of spades to the ace of clubs, ace card tattoos are certainly one of the more popular options. If other people understanding your tattoos is important to you, consider a full card tattoo. 

Ace Card Tattoo
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4. Ace of Hearts Tattoo

Similar to the ace of spades tattoo, ace of hearts tattoos hold a more intricate meaning than just an ace standing alone. While the ace of spades tends to be associated with authority and good luck, the ace of hearts symbolizes love and celebration. Though you could have an ace of heart tattoo done in black ink, it seems most fitting to have it done in red. 

Ace of Hearts Tattoo
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5. Ace High Tattoo

If you want your ace tattoo showing as “playing high,” there are some creative ways to ensure that the message is clear. Illustrate this sentiment by designing an ace card with (whichever suit you prefer) a crown resting on top of it. 

Ace Thigh Tattoo
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6. Small Ace Tattoo

Small ace tattoos are incredibly easy to accomplish. A simple ‘A’ does the trick. Place this simple ace tattoo on your finger or behind your ear for good luck. 

Small Ace Tattoo
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7. Ace of Cups Tattoo

In traditional tarot, the ace of cups represents new beginnings and opportunities for abundance and success. The card has a chalice overflowing with five streams of water. In numerology, the number five means change, contributing to the idea that an ace of cups tattoo constitutes change, growth, and an increase in prosperity. 

Ace of Cups Tattoo
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8. Ace Whitebeard Tattoo

ONE PIECE is a popular Japanese anime series that features a character named Ace. Ace has a large tattoo on his back representing the Whitebeard pirates in the series. The Ace Whitebeard tattoo is a fun and quirky way for fans of the show to pay tribute and carry a piece of this beloved anime art with them at all times. 

Ace Whitebeard Tattoo
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9. Skull Ace of Spades Tattoo

While ace of spades tattoos are associated with concepts such as power and good fortune, some also feel that the ace of spades represents death. Adding a skull to your ace of spades tattoo emphasizes that specific correlation.

Skull Ace of Spades Tattoo
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10. Four Aces Tattoo

If you’d like a tattoo that represents a complete set, a four aces tattoo allows you to include each suit in a deck of cards while amplifying the power of an ace. If you want to add a pop of color without going overboard, add some realism to this ace tattoo design by doing two of the cards in red and two of them in black. 

Four Aces Tattoo
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11. Flaming Ace Tattoo

Flaming ace tattoos place a unique twist on the otherwise standard ‘A.’ When done with proper shading and attention to detail, a flaming ace tattoo can look artistic and delicate.

Flaming Ace Tattoo
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12. Ace Card Tattoo with Poker Chip

Perfect for the avid poker player, ace card tattoos with an accompanying poker chip are a fun way to pay tribute to this popular card game. Even if you aren’t a big gambler, this tattoo can symbolize taking risks or going ‘all in.’ 

Ace Card Tattoo with Poker Chip
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13. Minimalist Ace Tattoo

From delicate script to an “A” ace done in the thinnest of linework, minimalist ace tattoos are subtle yet modern and can complement various body parts without taking up too much space. 

Minimalist Ace Tattoo
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14. Ace Card and Joker Tattoo

Ace card and joker tattoos create an interesting combo when taking a closer look at these two cards’ roles in standard card decks. This tattoo may also be a dedication to the Batman universe, showing the Joker with an ace. 

Ace Card and Joker Tattoo
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15. Ace of Spades Tattoo with Floral Design

If you’d like to spruce up a more mundane ace of spades tattoo, add some intricate florals to the design. The florals can add some sweetness to a pretty masculine image, perfect for those who like to add some artsiness to their ink. 

Ace of Spade Tattoo with Floral Design
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Best Ace Tattoo Placement Options 

16. Ace Up My Sleeve Tattoo

To properly accomplish an ‘ace-up my sleeve’ tattoo, you will need to get the tattoo on the inside of the wrist. If you want the message to come across as clearly as possible, the tattoo must be realistic. 

Ace Up My Sleeve Tattoo
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17. Ace Back Tattoo

If you’re looking to design a larger and more expansive piece, the back is always one of the best areas. Ace back tattoos can range from a complete set of ace cards in every suit to a skull ace of spades tattoo. The larger the tattoo, the easier it is to add any desired detailing or shading. 

Ace Back Tattoo
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18. Ace of Spades Hand Tattoo

There is just something about a card tattoo on the hand that makes the tattoo 10x cooler than when done on any other part of the body. Ace of spades hand tattoos create a specific look that amplifies the already powerful meaning of the ace of spades. 

Ace of Spades Hand Tattoo
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Ace Tattoo FAQ:

What does an ace of spades tattoo mean?

For hundreds of years, the ace of spades has meant good fortune and luck. To have one tattooed shows that you have chosen to carry that good luck charm permanently, wherever you go. Additional meanings associated with an ace of spades tattoo are wealth, power, and even death. 

What does an ace of hearts tattoo mean?

Generally, the ace of hearts symbolizes celebration, love, and joy. From the birth of new love to celebrating life, an ace of hearts tattoo holds a lot of positivity and happiness. 

Where should I get an ace tattoo?

Ace tattoos can be an excellent addition to any part of the body. The main thing that you’ll want to consider is the desired size of your ace tattoo. If you want something more significant and prominent, the upper arm or forearm are two great locations. If you prefer something more subtle and on the smaller side, a small ace tattoo behind the ear, the inside of the wrist, or the foot might be better.

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