50 Best Angel Tattoos For Men: Ideas And Designs 2024

Angel Tattoos for Men

Guardian angel tattoos are some of the most popular choices for men; their symbolism and endless design choices make them ideal for any person. The angel tattoo is no longer only for religious men; the tattoo now often stands for protection, devotion, hope, and trust.

Since there are thousands of designs, how do you choose the best tattoo for men? To help you avoid ending up on Tattoo Redo or spending more money on a cover-up, we’ve found 50 heavenly designs for you to get your wings flapping.

1. Angel Wing Tattoo

Angel wing tattoos symbolize freedom and guidance. Some men choose angel wing tattoos to commemorate a lost loved one or memorialize their strength over a significant life event. Often placed on the back for a larger design with more detail, it’s also popular to have a single wing on the forearm or bicep.

Angel Tattoo
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2. Guardian Angel Tattoo

A guardian angel is a personal spirit assigned to protect and guide someone through life. Many men contribute going through a traumatic or near-death experience for the reason they get an angel tattoo, and they may also act as a reminder of guidance.

Guardian Angel Tattoo
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3. Cherub Tattoo

Cherub tattoos often signify the innocence and purity of children or the love and protection of humankind. Some men choose baby angel tattoos to celebrate a child’s birth or when they’ve lost a child.

Baby Angel Tattoo
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4. Fallen Angel Tattoo

Men who’ve struggled immensely and have overcome challenges in their lives tend to choose a fallen angel tattoo. It can also represent a fall from grace, a classic meaning derived from a parable in the New Testament (Christianity). Designs commonly show an angel kneeling, falling, and sometimes looking up to the heavens in despair.

Fallen Angel Tattoo
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5. Michael the Archangel Tattoo

Michael, an angel from the Bible, is considered the leader of heavenly hosts. He is a warrior angel and is usually depicted in art and tattoos holding a sword. This archangel is said to bring protection and strength to men. Those who choose a tattoo of Archangel Michael portray themselves as dominant and powerful.

Michael the Archangel tattoo
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6. Angel of Death Tattoo

In Islam, the angel of death is Azrael; however, he’s become a popular symbol, much like grim reaper tattoos, because they represent fear and death. Choosing to get this tattoo may signify your lack of fear in this world or the next. To ensure this tattoo has lots of detail, the perfect placement is on the thigh or chest.

angel of death tattoo
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7. Devil and Angel Tattoo

Devil and angel images represent the balance between good and evil in the world. However, it will depend on how the artist will design the image. Some designs where the angel and demon tattoos are fighting represent spiritual warfare or the battle inside each man.

Devil and Angel Tattoo
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8. Angel Whispering in Ear Tattoo

Some people believe that angels whisper into their ears to guide them. Men who wish to communicate with angels, or seek guidance, tend to get this type of tattoo design.

Angel Whispering in Ear Tattoo
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9. Memorial Angel Tattoo

When your loved ones pass away, regardless of your religious identity, you always hope they are in a better place, and many men choose to memorialize their lost loved ones by getting a permanent reminder of those they love. Often surrounded by wings, angels, or halos, you can add any personal detail that reminds you of your loved one.

Memorial Angel Tattoo
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10. Little Angel Tattoo

Little angel tattoos are small images that can be tattooed on small spaces such as the wrist, behind the ear, or on your hand. This type of tattoo is often used as a memorial piece for a young child that has passed or as an aesthetic piece that can be hidden easily.

Little Angel tattoo
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11. Angel Heart Tattoo

A unique angel tattoo design uses two wings to create the outline of a heart. Alternatively, in traditional style tattooing, the angel is holding or flying away with a heart. This piece can symbolize the loss of a loved one or celebrate the bond you have with your significant other. These tattoos can be placed on the chest, back, or neck.

Angel Heart Tattoo
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12. Dark Angel Tattoo

Some people use this symbol for depression or struggles with other mental illnesses. Not necessarily a bad thing; the tattoo can represent triumph over such struggles. These tattoos can be placed on a man’s forearm or calf, especially if the tattoo feature a sword.

Dark Angel Tattoo
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13. Gabriel Angel Tattoo

Angel Gabriel is another important archangel in the Abrahamic religions. According to sacred scripture, angel Gabriel is a messenger of God, and this could translate into many different meanings for each person who gets an angel tattoo. Religious or non-religious, this tattoo is about trusting the messages and signs given to us in life.

Gabriel Angel Tattoo
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14. Angel Halo Tattoo

In the Book of Ezekiel (in the Bible), angels are described differently from how painters and sculptures have portrayed them. In art, angels are painted with halos around their heads, which symbolizes holiness and the grace of God shining through them.

Angel Halo Tattoo
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15. Small Angel Tattoo

For men who prefer minimal tattoos, a small angel tattoo is an ideal choice. These types of tattoos can represent the birth of a child or to remember a lost loved one. Some men have small angels tattooed on their forearm, side of the wrist, or on the hand.

Small Angel Tattoo
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16. Pet Angel Tattoo

Another minimalist (or maximalist, depending on your preference) design to commemorate the loss of a beloved pet or animal in your life. You can get this tattoo on the wrist, shoulder blade, or forearm.

Pet Angel Tattoo
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17. Seraph Angel Tattoo

Angelic beings described in the Bible don’t look like humans, as shown in popular art. In fact, there are several different types of angels with different features. Cherubim angels are said to have four faces, four wings, and bull hooves for feet that gleam like polished brass. There are also seraphim that are said to have six wings surrounding their bodies. These tattoos symbolize light, passion, and purity. They can be big elaborate pieces tattooed on the back, tricep, or calf.

Biblical Angel Tattoo
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18. Tribal Angel Tattoo

In tribal culture, angels are depicted as spirit guides. In Buddhism, angels are known as deities, meaning they were a class of the divine. A very popular design in the 90s, this style is being renewed again in many tattoo studios. Some men choose to tattoo tribal angels on their shoulders or the calf.

Tribal Angel Tattoo
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19. Weeping Angel Tattoo

Some associate weeping angels with man’s sin and how they’re easily tempted; they are also popular fan tattoos from the TV show Dr.Who. Whatever the reason, this is an easy tattoo to scale down to fit anywhere on the body or make larger and add more detail.

Weeping Angel Tattoo
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20. Angel Fighting Demons Tattoo

Warrior angels are celestial beings that fight in God’s army; some believe that you can call upon angels to rid your life of spiritual attacks from demons. An angel and demons tattoo would represent the battles your angel fights or the battles you go through in life.

Angel Fighting Demons Tattoo
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21. Crosses with Angel Wings Tattoo

The cross is the symbol of the Christian faith, a symbol recalling the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. When these two symbols are put together in an angel and cross tattoo, it could be a memorial piece for a loved one. This design can also express the freedom of being close to God.

Crosses with Angel Wings Tattoo
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22. Angel Warrior Tattoo

Warriors are known throughout many tales of history as strong, imperishable fighters, and this does not differ when depicting warrior angels. Representing strength, honor, and commitment, any man with a fierce love for his friends and family would do well with this angel tattoo.

Angel Warrior Tattoo
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23. Heart with Angel Wing Tattoo

Angel heart tattoos are a symbol of love. Adding a heart to the design is a way to show your passion, love, and strength in your relationships. Add an extra special meaning to this tattoo by placing it on your chest near or on the heart. Heart and Angel Tattoo

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24. Sexy Angel Tattoo

Although there are no female angels in religion, some men may want a tattoo of an angel of the opposite sex. Images of female angel tattoos may be alluring and seductive; they are most often tattooed on the arms, chest, and legs.

Sexy Angel Tattoo
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25. Tiny Angel Wing Tattoo

A tiny angel wing tattoo is for men who don’t want a big and elaborate design. It’s a small minimalistic tattoo that can be placed behind the ear, on a finger, or on the chest.

Small Wing Tattoo

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26. Angel and Dove Tattoo

Doves are messenger birds and are considered symbols of love and peace. In the Christian faith, a white dove also represents the holy spirit. Men sometimes couple angels and doves together in their tattoos to symbolize the three-dimensional cleansing of the soul and inner peace.

Angel and Dove Tattoo
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27. Angel and Name Tattoo

Angels accompanied by a name are popular tattoos used to remember someone who has passed. The name can be placed in the middle of the angel wings or inside of them. The best placement for this tattoo is on the chest or arm if more detail is involved.

Angel Tattoo With Name
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28. Lost Angel Tattoo

A lost angel tattoo is associated with those who are unable to find their way in life. They may feel helpless or overwhelmed. This design can also represent those who’ve fallen from grace and are trying to regain their faith.

Lost Angel Tattoo
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29. 3D Angel Tattoo

A 3D angel Tattoo is a design that has more detail and a three-dimensional effect. Some designs look like they’re coming out of the skin, which gives it a unique appearance. These 3D tattoo designs are bigger and more elaborate, so they’re usually tattooed on the stomach, chest, or back. The shading will be more intense on these pieces, be prepared to have long or multiple sittings to complete the piece.

Realistic Angel Tattoo
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30. Simple Angel Tattoo

A simple angel tattoo is a design that doesn’t have a lot of shading, detailed line work or a three-dimensional appearance. This artwork is flat and only focuses on the outline. A simple angel tattoo is suitable for someone who prefers minimalist art.

Simple Angel Tattoo
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31. Angel Faces Tattoo

Many people believe that angels are beautiful beings with perfect faces. An angel’s face displays a presence of holiness and pureness. Men will sometimes have angel faces tattooed on their skin for protection against evil spirits.

Angel Faces Tattoo
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32. Tiny Angel Tattoo

A tiny angel tattoo is a design that doesn’t have plenty of detail. Most of the time, a tiny angel tattoo only shows the outline of an angel. This image can be used to remember a loved one or to remind you of your guardian angel and how he protects you.

Angel Tattoo
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33. Angel Skull Tattoo

The combination of an angel and a skull can depict the nature of life and death and the tragedy that may happen to men if they don’t have a guardian angel to watch over them. These angel and skull tattoos are quite popular on men and can be placed on the back of the neck, leg, arms, or torso.

Angel Skull Tattoo
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34. Religious Angel Tattoo

Religious angel tattoos are chosen by men who want to celebrate their faith. They usually place the tattoo where it can be seen so that people are aware he is a man of God. It may depict an angel with a halo above the head or a traditional biblical angel with features mentioned in the Bible.

Religious Angel Tattoo
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35. Double Angel Tattoo

A tattoo of two angels can represent the birth of twins or having two innocent children you love. It can also show that someone has two conflicting sides: a classic lightness and darkness depiction.

Two Angel Tattoo
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36. Rose and Angel Tattoo

A popular way to honor any woman in your life is combining the classic beauty of the rose tattoo with an angel, both representing beauty and strength. It can be a dedicatory tattoo for someone you’ve lost or someone you hold close to your heart.

Rose and Angel Tattoo
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37. Good Angel / Bad Angel Tattoo

Good and bad angel tattoos often represent your conscience (moral sense of right and wrong). It can be a way to remind you that you’re always going to be faced with a decision between what is right and what is easy. The design typically shows two angels or one angel with a light and dark side.

Angel Tattoo for men
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38. Baby Footprint Tattoo with Angel Wings

A baby footprint tattoo can represent the birth of a child, and the wings can symbolize your child’s heavenly innocence. This tattoo can also be a memorial piece for fathers who’ve lost their children. The tattoo is small and can be placed on the back or forearm.

Baby Footprint Tattoo with Angel Wings
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39. Angel Neck Tattoo

Some men prefer to place their tattoos where people can see them, especially if it’s a tattoo that’s close to their heart. Angel wing tattoos on the neck have become a popular choice over the years. There are various designs that cover the neck partially or entirely to suit your tattoo. It may have a different meaning for everyone, but it’s usually a symbol of freedom and power.

Neck Tattoo with Angel Wings
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40. Angel Forearm Tattoo

The forearm is the best place to tattoo a full image of an angel. If you want an angel standing or flying down from the heavens, then the forearm will provide more space for details. Most men get their angels tattooed on the forearm because it can be easily hidden with long-sleeved shirts for work and easy to show off outside the office.

Angel Forearm Tattoo
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41. Full Angel Sleeve

A full sleeve, with any design in mind, is a big commitment. It will take multiple sittings and many hours to get it perfect. No matter the subject, a sleeve tattoo shows major commitment, perseverance, and a high pain tolerance.

Angel tattoo for Men
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42. Angel Wings Chest Tattoo

If you want big angel wings that can be hidden with clothes, then the chest area is the best location for your design. Wings can either be relaxed or spread out across the chest.

Angel Wings Chest Tattoo
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43. Angel Back Tattoo

Another popular place to tattoo angel wings is the back. You can have wings tattooed from your shoulders down to your lower back. Additionally, you can add extra detail or expert shading to the tattoo, so it looks like the wings are coming out of the skin.

Angel Back Tattoo
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44. Half Sleeve Angel Tattoo

One of the most popular ways to tattoo the arms is by placing many images together to create a sleeve. Some men prefer half sleeve tattoos for their angel designs if they don’t want to add additional images to the piece.

Half Sleeve Angel Tattoo
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45. Angel Leg Tattoo

The leg is an ideal place to tattoo angels that have more detail or if you want a more significant piece. It’s best to have your tattoo done on the calf or quad because there’s more space in these areas. It can be painful getting a tattoo on your shin, and you may not be able to add as much detail because the bottom of the leg is narrow.

Angel Tattoo
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Final Thoughts

Angel tattoos are deeply symbolic, but it depends on the design you choose to put on your body. You can get a traditional angel tattoo with a halo and wings, or choose a biblical angel tattoo with an entirely different and abstract appearance. Take a look at the tattoos featured in this article to help you pick the best one.

Angel Tattoo FAQ

What do angel tattoos mean?

These celestial beings represent man’s connection to the spiritual realm. It could also express hope, faith, and guidance. However, the meaning of angel tattoos can differ from person to person.

What do angel tattoos symbolize?

Angel tattoos symbolize guidance, freedom, strength, and protection. It also indicates God’s love for man, shown through sending angels as prophets and messengers. The angel tattoo is often used as a token to remember lost loved ones as well, helping those grieving remind themselves their loved one is no longer suffering.

What is the best place for angel wings tattoos?

The best place to get angel wings tattooed is the back, especially if you are looking to get angel wings tattooed. The wings can either be spread out or relaxed. If you choose relaxed angel wings, they can be tattooed from your shoulders down to your lower back.

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