40 Of The Best Geometric Tattoos For Men in 2024

Best Geometric Tattoos for Men

If you’ve been looking into tattoos for men, you know that geometric tattoos are continuing to gain traction as one of the most impressive styles in body art today. There are plenty of reasons to choose geometric over styles like illustrative, traditional, or portrait. The versatility of the style and the fact that most images can be broken down into a geometric pattern of your liking keep people interested in the design style. Just keep in mind, when you get a more intricate design, you will be sitting longer than usual, possibly even more than one session.

That said, geometric tattoos have become a serious force in the tattoo world, so check out these different ideas we’ve gathered for inspiration, hit your (best) local tattoo shop, and get some mesmerizing geometric tattoos that will wow everyone.

1. Geometric Wolf Tattoo

Maybe you’re a lone wolf or the leader of a pack. Whatever your reason for getting a wolf tattoo, the geometric versions will no doubt wow people out in the wild. If you want to rock some of the most formidable beasts on the planet, get a geometric wolf tattoo. Not totally sold on an entire geometric piece? If you’re a man of many interests, mix the geometric design with your following favorite tattoo style, show them there’s more than one side of a man.

Geometric wolf tattoo
@sebastian_tattoo / Instagram

2. Geometric Flower Tattoo

Geometry and nature are one and the same. If you want an abstract tattoo but also want to stay properly in tune with the environment, look at some geometric flower tattoos. Don’t listen to any naysayers, flower tattoos for men will always be cool.

Geometric flower tattoo
@missbrigitte_tattoo / Instagram

3. Geometric Minimalist Tattoo

Minimalist art of the ’60s and ’70s, to put it simply, was colorful and creative geometry. Fans of Mad Men or those nostalgic of simpler times will feel right at home with this tattoo style.

@xsonseven / Instagram

4. Sacred Geometric Tattoo

A particularly popular sect of patterned tattoos is sacred geometric tattoos. Sacred geometric designs play off motifs found in both nature and religion, becoming a beautiful amalgamation that shines a light on any area chosen to be inked, large or small.

Sacred geometric tattoo
@alex_santucci_tattooer / Instagram

5. Geometric Lion Tattoo

You’re a Leo, you say? What better way to pay homage to your astrological sign than a geometric lion tattoo. Or you might love the king of the jungle, and that’s cool too. Just reimagine your favorite lion image as geometric and call it a day.

Geometric lion tattoo
@jertattoos / Instagram

6. Geometric Mountain Tattoo

Geometry and nature, together again. There aren’t many sights more inspiring and triumphant than the mountains, so geometric mountain tattoos are excellent for making your love letter to the environment something more unique and futuristic.

Geometric mountain tattoo
@heatherlynntattoos / Instagram

7. Geometric Blackwork Tattoo

If you read about our 25 best blackwork tattoos for men, then you saw these fire tattoos already. Geometric blackout tattoos are always beautiful, so if you love rich black color with high contrast, you really can’t lose.

Geometric blackwork tattoo
@puedmag_inkpire / Instagram

8. Geometric Bear Tattoo

Like their wolf neighbors, bears can be loners and intensely protective of their families. If that sounds like you, or if you love the annual Fat Bear Week tournament (and who doesn’t?), look to geometric bear tattoos and honor your favorite dangerous-but-lovable carnivores.

Geometric bear tattoo
@ragnaroktattoos / Instagram

9. Geometric Owl Tattoo

Silent, wise, and shockingly flexible watchers of the forest, owls are an animal favorite of countless tattoo enthusiasts and a great choice for a unique take on avian tattoo art. Add geometry to these nocturnal wonders for elegant, fierce, and artistically angular geometric owl tattoos.

Geometric owl tattoo
@maggda.lena / Instagram

10. Simple Geometric Tattoo

Simple doesn’t mean boring, and simple geometric tattoos are one of the snazziest looks for humbler tattoo-havers. Simpler tattoo designs are always a good idea for tattoos that need to be hidden at work or from the watchful eyes of Mom and Dad.

Simple geometric tattoo
@alivetattoos / Instagram

11. Geometric Rose Tattoo

If you’ve been a tattoo fan for some time, then you’ve seen plenty of rose tattoos. They’re one of the most popular flower choices on the planet for a reason. Try geometric rose tattoos for a new, fresh take on floral pieces that have withstood the test of time (and sailor’s arms) for decades.

Geometric rose tattoo
@laurapleas.tattoo / Instagram

12. Geometric Tree Tattoo

Druidic ancients and fans of the forest alike will be happy with these tattoos. Celebrate both our planet’s oxygen factories and your favorite mathematical discipline with geometric tree tattoos.

Geometric tree tattoo
@william.marin_ / Instagram

13. Geometric Bee Tattoo

Bees are essential building blocks for the earth’s survival, and whether you want to admit it or not, they are pretty adorable. If you have the canvas space, bees can make a unique addition to any geometric nature scene, or flower, tattoo.

Geometric bee tattoo
@simonadidomizio_tattoo / Instagram

14. Geometric Fox Tattoo

So, you’re thinking of geometric fox tattoos, you sly fellow? Whatever reason foxes call to you, one of the best ways to make your animal tattoo ideas more original is to break them down into dozens, possibly hundreds, of stylish polygons.

Geometric fox tattoo
@josiesexton / Instagram

15. Geometric Watercolor Tattoo

Mixing such delicate styles will take the work of a seriously skilled tattooist, but it’s an idea that is certain to impress. Go big with these if you can because this is going to be a masterpiece.

Geometric watercolor tattoo
@eternaltigertattoo / Instagram

16. Geometric Elephant Tattoo

Like the majestic creatures themselves, people never forget finely crafted geometric elephant tattoos. If you want your body art to be undoubtedly memorable, don one or even a herd of proud pachyderms.

Geometric elephant tattoo
@ellaevetattoo / Instagram

17. Geometric Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies aren’t historically known as the most masculine animal tattoo (if that’s what you’re going for), but don’t let that stop you from awesome geometric butterfly tattoos. Any kind of geometric tattoos are undeniably impressive, and maybe it’s time a new generation of masculinity.

Geometric butterfly tattoo
@symmetrychaos / Instagram

18. Mandala Geometric Tattoo

From the school of sacred geometry, the mandala is a staple of Buddhist tattoos. Mandalas are some of the most beautiful religious symbols available that are already geometric, no conversion is necessary. There are tons of ideas for mandala geometric tattoos, that can fit on almost any part of the body, time to start browsing.

Mandala Geometric tattoo
@kalumhopkins / Instagram

19. Geometric Cat Tattoo

If you’re curious about geometric cat tattoos, worry no more. We’re here to tell you that these widely celebrated felines look just as cool when broken down into geometry as any other animal.

Geometric cat tattoo
@kadeart.tattoos / Instagram

20. Geometric Lotus Tattoo

Like the mandala, geometric lotus tattoos are considered sacred geometry. These symmetrical symbols of spirituality are patterns that anyone seeking nirvana through Buddhist and Hindu symbolism will love.

Geometric lotus tattoo
@keepsaketattoo / Instagram

21. Geometric Arrow Tattoo

Indigenous folklore has had many symbolic meanings for geometric arrow tattoos, which haven’t changed with today’s artists. Arrows are basic geometry, so these are great bases for small or simple geometric tattoos.

Geometric arrow tattoo
@andresgomeztattoo / Instagram

22. Triangle Geometric Tattoo

Triangle geometric tattoos can be as basic or as complicated as you want and still pay tribute to the great geometric trinity. There are countless trinities to pay tribute to with geometric triangle tattoos, so think about it and get creative.

Triangle geometric tattoo
@black_blood_charly / Instagram

23. Geometric Heart Tattoo

Heart tattoos are popular for several reasons. If you’re looking at heart tattoos and, you want to do something a little different than the thousands of other hearts out there, try a geometric heart for something original and personal to you.

Geometric heart tattoo
@gibaatattoo / Instagram

24. Geometric Skull Tattoo

A long-held standard of old-school American Traditional tattoos, there are plenty of other directions to take your skull tattoos that rock just as hard. Sure, traditional is great, even timeless, but embrace the future with geometric skull tattoos instead.

Geometric skull tattoo
@lighthouse_tattoo / Instagram

25. Geometric Shapes Tattoo

Here is where you can get really abstract with your geometric tattoos. Geometric shape tattoos can fit any part of the body and stand for anything, the only limit is the imagination and your tattoo artist’s skill.

Geometric shapes tattoo
@abrakadabra1981 / Instagram

26. Geometric Compass Tattoo

A perfect tattoo for seamen and explorers alike, geometric compass tattoos are a good way to show you care about the direction you’re taking. You know your goals and are headed in the right direction. If that’s you, geometric compass tattoos are a perfect fit.

Geometric compass tattoo
@bloodofangelscambridge / Instagram

27. Geometric Sun Tattoo

A symbol of enlightenment and awakening, geometric sun tattoos are perfect for anyone who has pushed past the darkness and looking to commemorate that. Sun tattoos are used as memorial tattoos, adding any geometric design can make it even more special.

Geometric sun tattoo
@stevenmichaelsaturn / Instagram

28. Geometric Hawk Tattoo

Hawks are some of the swiftest hunters alive, one of those birds that can always catch their prey. Hawks are stoic, graceful, and hard not to respect, making them ideal for anyone who keeps their eyes on the prize.

Geometric hawk tattoo
@moreiraa_igor / Instagram

29. Geometric Space Tattoo

Space tattoos have always made great use of the largest areas of the body, if you decide on geometric space tattoos, it’s best to make it grand (space is limitless, after all). Geometric shapes mixed with the already mysterious great beyond is a guaranteed way to create an otherworldly piece.

Geometric space tattoo
@shrinetattoostudio / Instagram

30. Geometric Bird Tattoo

If a hawk or owl isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other wild bird tattoo ideas to go geometrically crazy with. Some incredible scenes can be made with different shapes (forming birds flying, for example), but one single, powerful bird would make a big impression on anyone’s forearm or calf.

Geometric bird tattoo
@tatchtoo / Instagram

31. Tessellation Geometric Sleeve Tattoo

Unlike “normal” geometric tattoo sleeves that follow fewer rules, tessellation geometric tattoo sleeves cover the arm in complex symmetrical patterns that leave no space between shapes, creating geometric waves to encase the arm (or any part you want tessellated). Always stunning, but it will definitely take an investment of time and money.

Tessellation geometric sleeve tattoo
@jakabtattoo / Instagram

32. Geometric Tattoo Sleeve

You can start getting really creative when you decided to commit to a full sleeve. Geometric tattoo sleeves are one of the most interesting designs that have endless potential, versatility, and flexibility to meet anyone’s wildest ideas.

Geometric tattoo sleeve
@saskiatattoo / Instagram

33. Geometric Chest Tattoo

The chest tattoo is the perfect spot to show off some circular geometric patterns that will help bring out your muscle definition (or add more definition). Whether you hit the gym religiously or are looking to add interesting patterns to your body but not show them off regularly, it’s time to slap that stencil on.

Geometric chest tattoo
@randetattoo / Instagram

34. Forearm Geometric Tattoo

Forearm geometric tattoos are always a great way to start a full sleeve if you aren’t sure you’re ready for that kind of commitment. Just don’t be scared to go full sleeve when the time is right.

Forearm geometric tattoo
@inkdustriatattoo / Instagram

35. Geometric Neck Tattoo

If your work allows it, an awesome spot for a geometric tattoo is the neck. Plenty of people have neck tattoos these days, so you don’t have to worry about your geometric neck tattoos scaring some folks onto the other side of the street when they see you.

Geometric neck tattoo
@peaceful_progress / Instagram

36. Geometric Back Tattoo

One of the largest canvases on our body is our back, best to go as big (with lots of detail) as possible when deciding on a geometric back tattoo. The high-feature tattoo will take a few sessions but the result will be an everlasting beautiful piece of art. The back is also a prime location if you are looking for a large tattoo that can be easily covered at the office.

Geometric back tattoo
@tattooinkarnation / Instagram

37. Geometric Arm Tattoo

The most commonly used limbs for body art are the arms. That said if you’re getting one humble tattoo, what better spot than the classic bicep or tricep? Geometric arm tattoos might not be in the most original spot, but they will always work.

Geometric arm tattoo
@jordanmitchelltattoo / Instagram

38. Geometric Leg Tattoo

Geometric leg tattoos are another great location; if you want body art you can easily cover up for work or at grandma’s dinner table but bust out at the beach. It’s a surprisingly versatile canvas, and you really can’t go wrong.

Geometric leg tattoo
@swamontattoo / Instagram

39. Geometric Shoulder Tattoo

Circular geometric patterns are excellent shoulder tattoos to accent your strong features. Consider getting matching tattoos to balance the lookout.

Geometric shoulder tattoo
@alex_santucci_tattooer / Instagram

40. Geometric Thigh Tattoo

Geometric thigh tattoos are some of the best if you want to keep that body art hidden. But luckily for you, men’s fashion is leaning towards mid and upper-thigh length shorts again, no need to bust out the speedo to show off your new ink.

Geometric shoulder tattoo
@fabiopacchioni / Instagram

Geometric Tattoo FAQ:

What is a geometric tattoo?

Geometric tattoos are simple shapes (think triangles, squares, circles) that are used to either create a structured outline of an object, animal, or scene; or overlap simple shapes and lines used to create complex patterns and repeating designs. The result is often a highly detailed and meditative composition.

How long does a geometric tattoo take?

The duration of any tattoo depends on the speed of your chosen tattoo artist, the size, and the intricacy of the design. A simple geometric shape or design will most likely be done in one sitting but a full sleeve or back piece may take many hours over multiple sittings to complete.

It is always best to talk to your chosen artist about their prices and plan when committing to any piece of ink.

How to incorporate a geometric tattoo into a sleeve

The good thing about geometric tattoos being interlinked lines and shapes is that they can be drawn and manipulated to fit into any space. If you’re looking to fill in some empty space between existing pieces, simple repeating patterns (repeating semi-circles for example) will be easy to include anywhere on the body and will bring all of your current tattoos into cohesion.

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