20 Best Roman Numeral Tattoos For Men – Top Designs in 2024

Roman Numeral Tattoo

As we go through life, there are countless numbers that end up holding significance. Whether they represent the day your first son was born, an anniversary, or the street number where you spent your youth, a roman numeral tattoo is a perfect way to add a dash of elegance to your numerological design.

When it comes to these deeply personal tattoos, the meaning behind the ink is usually more important than its placement, making it easy to place the tattoo anywhere on the body. From a number spread across the fingers, to an important date boldly placed on the chest, it’s tough to find a spot where this tattoo idea doesn’t work. 

In this collection of ink, you’ll find a variety of unique and inspiring designs that will offer plenty of material to help you come up with a roman numeral tattoo that perfectly represents the most important numbers in your life.

1. Roman Numeral Date Tattoo

One of the most popular uses for these classy numbers, there are a variety of styles that can be used to commemorate important life events with roman numeral date tattoos. From a straightforward piece that uses bold black ink, to more stylized work that incorporates color and different design elements, there is a version of roman numeral tattoos for you. 

Roman Numeral Tattoo
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2. 3rd Roman Numeral Tattoo

As numbers get larger, their representation using this counting system becomes more complex. So, while the number 3 is one of the simplest symbols, it doesn’t mean that roman numeral 3 tattoos are boring. With creative potential limited only to your imagination, these can make for some surprisingly compelling commemorative tattoos. 

Roman Numeral 3 Tattoo
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3. Roman Numeral Clock Tattoo

Clockmakers have been using roman numerals in the faces of their timepieces for centuries, so it makes sense that roman numeral clock tattoos are a popular choice for time-inspired designs. Along with the visual appeal of these pieces, the deeper significance of where the clock hands are placed can make for a more meaningful and personalized design. 

Roman Numeral Tattoos
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4. Roman Numeral Birthday Tattoo 

It’s hard to find a date more important than the day we entered the world, so it makes sense that a lot of people use ink to commemorate these important events in their lives. Whether it’s a simple, string of numbers in black ink or a more complex design that incorporates digits, roman numeral birthday tattoos are the perfect way to show a loved one that you’ll never forget their born day.

Roman Numeral Birthday Tattoo
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5. 4th Roman Numeral Tattoo 

In the roman counting system, a number placed after the number of the greater value increases the total, while a smaller number placed before the larger number subtracts from the total. So, VI is 6 and IV is 4. Remember this rule when you are getting a roman numeral 4 tattoo or that ink could turn into a permanent blunder.

Roman Numeral 4 Tattoo
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6. 5th Roman Numeral Tattoo

Despite being a simple V, roman numeral 5 tattoos can still be interesting pieces. In fact, it’s the uncomplicated shape of this number that lends a certain understated elegance to these tattoos. 

Roman Numeral 5 Tattoo
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7. Small Roman Numeral Tattoo

Not every piece needs to be big and bold to make a point. In fact, sometimes a little goes a long way, this is especially true of small roman numeral tattoos. After all, when it comes to these small tattoo designs, the meaning behind the piece is almost as important as the ink itself. 

Small Roman Numeral Tattoo
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8. Roman Numeral 13 Tattoo

The number 13 is absolutely unique. Equally beloved and vilified, this number has been conspicuous in history for a long time. If you’ve ever been to an old building that is missing the 13th floor, you’ve seen this first hand. 

Roman Numeral 13 Tattoo
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9. Roman Numeral Rose Tattoo

A classic design element in tattoos that goes back decades, rose tattoos are an excellent addition to just about any piece. Looking equally appealing in elegant black and grey or the vibrant colors of American traditional style, roman numeral rose tattoos perfectly utilize this unmistakable blossom.

Roman Numeral Rose Tattoo
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10. Roman Numeral Cross Tattoo

For anyone whose faith plays an important role in their life, the ultimate symbol of Christ’s sacrifice is understandably a popular tattoo design. By adding a significant date to a piece, roman numeral cross tattoos become even more powerful and deeply personal permanent ink. 

Roman Numeral Tattoo
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11. Roman Numeral Feather Tattoo

Feathers have become increasingly popular designs in tattoos thanks to their ability to be incorporated into a variety of different tattoos; roman numeral feather tattoos are no different. Whether an ethereal black and grey piece or a vibrant peacock feather, adding a date is the perfect way to add another level of meaning to these designs. 

Roman Numeral Tattoo
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12. Roman Numeral Name Tattoo

There are few other ways to show dedication to a special someone than getting their name permanently inked on your body, and by adding numbers, the significance of the design can become even more specific and meaningful. From birthdays to anniversaries, roman numeral name tattoos are the ultimate commemoration of a person and time.

Roman Numeral Tattoo
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13. Roman Numeral Bicep Tattoo

The bicep is a popular canvas, and for good reason. Easily visible and large enough to support a variety of big and bold designs, roman numeral bicep tattoos are a great way to show off some digits that are important in your life.

Roman Numeral Tattoo on Bicep
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14. Roman Numeral Arm Tattoo

Big and full of natural lines that can make for some dynamic and eye-catching pieces, the arm has been a popular canvas since the earliest days of permanent body art. In the hands of a talented artist, this canvas holds endless room for creative expression. 

Roman Numeral Arm Tattoo
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15. Roman Numeral Neck Tattoo

Not for the faint of heart, any ink above the collar is sure to get noticed. But for someone whose sense of style is as bold as their choice of tattoo placement, roman numeral neck tattoos can be the perfect way to show the world their most significant numbers. 

Roman Numeral Neck Tattoo
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16. Roman Numeral Tattoo On Chest

One of the biggest canvases on the body, the chest is a great choice for big bold designs that need space to breathe. But the placement directly over the heart can give an added layer of significance, making roman numeral chest tattoos as meaningful as they are visually striking.

Roman Numeral Tattoo on Chest
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17. Roman Numeral Shoulder Tattoo

Another canvas that has been popular for decades, the natural lines of the shoulder make this placement a great choice for any number of styles and approaches. The placement high on the body is also easy to cover in professional settings and show off at the gym, making roman numeral shoulder tattoos a great option for just about anyone. 

Roman Numeral Tattoo
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18. Roman Numeral Leg Tattoo

From a simple design on the calf to a large, full-color design that covers the entire thigh, the legs provide a number of choice canvases for your next bit of ink. It’s the versatility of this part of the body that makes it such a great choice for roman numeral leg tattoos. 

Roman Numeral Tattoo
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19. Roman Numeral Tattoo on Wrist

The wrist is a great placement for a bit of ink that you want to keep in your field of vision at all times. Making it a perfect choice for a commemoration of an important date in your life. Couple this with the clean lines and elegance of a roman numeral tattoo and it will be smooth sailing for years to come.

Roman Numeral Wrist Tattoo
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20. Roman Numeral Ring Tattoo

Another highly visible placement, many people choose ring tattoos to commemorate the day they said their vows. There is no better way to show the world the power of this relationship than matching roman numeral ring tattoos. Who needs diamonds, right?

Roman Numeral Ring Tattoo
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Roman Numeral Tattoo FAQ:

What do roman numerals mean when tattooed?

Most commonly used to represent an important date in the wearer’s life, roman numeral tattoos can make for deeply personal ink that permanently commemorates a birthday, anniversary, or any other significant date.

Where to put a roman numeral tattoo?

Given the elegance of these ancient numbers, it is pretty tough to find a place where roman numeral tattoos don’t work. That being said, the forearm, wrist, chest, and shoulder are some of the most popular placements for these numerical works of art. 

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