The Best Star Tattoos For Men in 2024

Star Tattoo Ideas

So you decided you want some new ink and think a star tattoo will shine on your body. Good choice, thanks to the evolution of fashion over the past few decades, tattoos for men have become more socially acceptable and common in casual and professional environments. 

The versatility of star designs makes them one of the most popular in the tattoo community, be it ink veterans or newbies. While, each star has a different meaning and they can be attractive anywhere on the body, some of the most widely used locations for men are their shoulders, biceps, and forearms (mostly arm tattoos). 

Deciding on the best tattoos for men can take forever, so we gathered 40 intriguing star tattoo ideas, along with their meanings and pictures, to help you settle on the right one. 

1. Shooting Star Tattoo

If you want simple ink that symbolizes luck and screams “achieving my dreams”,  maybe look to shooting star tattoos. They’ve got a positive message and look great streaked across a forearm or calf.

Shooting Star Tattoo Idea
@axelvanderwaal / Instagram

2. Nautical Star Tattoo

Nautical star tattoos are some of the most popular star designs around, even if you’re not an old-school sailor. You’ll find a lot of guys rocking a nautical star on each shoulder, often referring to the way sailors used the stars for direction. No matter where you place the nautical star these tattoos will lead you in the right direction.

Nautical Star Tattoo Idea / Instagram

3. North Star Tattoo

The North Star: the brightest speck in the sky and probably the most well known star. North star tattoos have eight points, one for each compass direction. Since it inspires and saves lost sailors, these tattoos symbolize hope and moving forward. 

North Star Tattoo
@dineatania / Instagram

4. Star and Moon Tattoo

This is a popular one for parents. They ink moons for themselves and stars for each kid, as simple or intricate as they want. A love of the moon and stars is a simple enough reason for you to get this design, no kids required.  

Star and Moon Tattoo
@alien.titties / Instagram

5. Small Star Tattoo

One of the best things about star tattoo designs is their versatility. Simple enough to go small and stamp them anywhere. Don’t want the whole world seeing your star all the time? Try this small tattoo design on the upper arm, finger, or toe for a more mysterious placement.

Small Star Tattoo Design
@andres.tattooing / Instagram

6. Star of David Tattoo

Chances are, if you’re looking at Star of David tattoos, you’re Jewish and don’t need to be told what they mean. To everyone who’s Jewish and proud: the Star of David will always be meaningful, better to make this tattoo happen asap.

Star of David Tattoo
@beaucapricetattoo / Instagram

7. Black Star Tattoo

Star tattoo designs are usually simple, but if you want to keep it REALLY simple (no, not boring), plain yet regal black star tattoos are for you. A simple but powerful expression of bravery that looks awesome anywhere and on anyone, personalize it by having just a black outline or have it completely shaded in. 

Black Star Outline Tattoo
@seitanmoontattoo / Instagram

8. Second Star to the Right Tattoo

Second-star-to-the-right tattoos are Peter Pan references, so these tattoos symbolize the need to hold on to our youth. It doesn’t take a Disney fanatic to love this message.

Second Star To the Right, Star Tattoo
@annntattoo / Instagram

9. Blue Star Tattoo

You might have gotten a solid blue star tattooed on your wrist if you were in the LGBTQ world in the ’50s. This was a secret code to identify other community members. This code stopped being used in the ’60s, but it’s still cool body art to show your pride. A blue star can also symbolize a family member in the armed forces. Pretty versatile.

Blue Star Tattoo Design / Instagram

10. Jojostar Tattoo

A purple star on the back-left shoulder is the calling card of the Joestar family, the folks at the center of the popular series Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. In the story it’s a star birthmark, but hey, what Jojo fans are that lucky? 

Jojo Star Tattoo
@lforlatino / Instagram

11. Southern Cross Star Tattoo

Southern Cross stars are only visible to the southern hemisphere and have become the perfect star tattoo design for anyone who wants to show some Aussie or New Zealand pride. Since it is part of both the national flags, southern star tattoos have become hugely popular down under and with anyone who holds these countries near and dear.

Southern Star Tattoo
@bttattoos / Instagram

12. Star of Life Tattoo

The Star of Life is associated with medical services, a six-pointed star (even though they aren’t exactly points, are they?) that we’re all familiar with. Star of life tattoos are perfect for any passionate medical workers, or as a tribute to one.

Star of Life Tattoo
@adamfoster1hd / Instagram

13. Patrick Star Tattoo

If you grew up around the ’90s or 2000s, a Patrick Star tattoo might call to you. Definitely not a traditional star tattoo idea, but hey he’s still a type of star.

Patrick Star Tattoo
@stickypop / Instagram

14. Tiny Star Tattoo

Small star tattoos not small enough for you? Say hello to tiny star tattoos! If you’re getting star tattoo designs on your face, it might be best to keep them tiny. Honestly, I might go even tinier than these guys did.

Tiny Star Tattoo
@inkbyfero / Instagram

15. Death Star Tattoo

For a Star Wars fan, the Death Star is the best star, and that goes for star tattoos too. The star that’s destined to impress any Sith and leave Jedi and Rebel alike shaken to the core. No idea what I’m saying? Then Death Star tattoos are not for you.

Death Star Tattoo
@bluthtattoo / Instagram

16. Sun and Star Tattoo

The magical combo of the sun and stars can symbolize something very personal, or simply a symbol for the beauty of the universe as a whole. Either way, you can’t go wrong with sun and star tattoos.  

Sun and Star Tattoo
@disintegration23. / Instagram

17. Star Outline Tattoo

One of the best parts of star tattoo designs is that stars look just as cool just outlined. Get a color that’s meaningful to you, shape it into a star, and stick it anywhere (with some help from your local tattoo artist, of course). Poof! You’ve got an easy, awesome tattoo.

Star Outline Tattoo
@chungdan_tattoo / Instagram

18. Lone Star Tattoo

Made for lovers of the Lone Star State, this tattoo can be the flag of Texas, or the outline of the state with a star inside, or maybe a star outline with the state flag inside? They all work, and they’re all lone star tattoos.

Lone Star Tattoo
@tattoos_byvic / Instagram

19. Dark Star Tattoo 

If you’re looking for dark, pentagrams are the darkest. The star’s five points stand for wind, water, fire, earth, and the ever-mysterious fifth element, spirit. Wrap a circle around this bad boy and throw in a Baphomet head to see why it’s the GOAT of dark star tattoos.

Dar Star Tattoo
@nihildvm / Instagram

20. Filipino Star Tattoo

If you want a star tattoo design that lets your Filipino heritage shine, Filipino star tattoos are it. These intricate stars represent freedom and unity. They need a larger surface than other stars, but they’re totally worth the commitment.

Filipino Star Tattoo
@heelo_made_tattoos / Instagram

21. Russian Star Tattoo

Russian star tattoos symbolize kowtowing to no one. They’re an absolutely dope design to have inked but have a seriously negative connotation. They originated in Russian prisons, so kind of a dark past here. You might want to keep this one covered on future trips to Moscow.

Russian Star Tattoo / Instagram

22. Red Star Tattoo

Red star tattoos could be calling to you because of the intensity the color symbolizes, but red stars can be also associated with communism. You might freak out your more patriotic family members at Thanksgiving, so be prepared.

Red StarTattoo
@sheretattooart / Instagram

23. The Star Tarot Card Tattoo

Drawing the Star card at your tarot reading symbolizes renewed inspiration and hope. It only shows itself to those loved by the universe, according to my more pagan friends (seriously), so good vibes only if you get this tattoo.

The Star Tarrot Card Tattoo
@ninakauffman / Instagram

24. Hearts and Star Tattoo

Want a little double-meaning with your star tattoo? If your star tattoo stands for hope and inspiration, adding a heart tattoo could stand for happiness and passion. These two symbols seem like perfect companions to us. 

Hearts and Star Tattoo
@kernowveganadventures / Instagram

25. Minimalist Star Tattoo

Big or small and any color you want, almost any star tattoo idea can be transformed into minimalist star tattoos and still keep their meaning. Not only do they look as slick as it gets but less ink means less pain, and remember, minimalist stars do NOT mean boring stars. 

Minimalist Star Tattoo
@jeannine_morris / Instagram

26. Twinkle Star Tattoo

Twinkle, twinkle little star tattoos can look a lot like north star tattoos or shooting star tattoos, but they have a little extra meaning. The first star we see at night is always twinkling, and like the kid’s song, twinkling star tattoos often symbolize chasing your dreams and creating life goals. 

Twinkle Star Tattoo Ideas
@noobs_tattoo_studio / Instagram

27. Galaxy Star Tattoo

Dreamy galaxy star tattoos are fire. Some of the most inspirational tattoo designs out there, they symbolize our life dreams and the mysteries of the universe. They look amazing in black and white, but the really jaw-dropping galaxy tattoos explode with color.

Galaxy Star Tattoo
@samu_tattoos / Instagram

28. Chaos Star Tattoo

Originating from Michael Moorecock’s Eternal Champion stories, the chaos star was adopted by fantasy/horror tabletop RPGs and video games. Chaos star tattoos symbolize not only chaos and being a Moorcock fan, but the scattering of energy among the universe.

Chaos Star Tattoo
@earthwarriorxvx / Instagram

29. Star Sleeve Tattoo

Star sleeve tattoos take all the symbolism of the most intriguing star tattoos and puts them on a grander scale. Artists usually bring in more background color and imagery to fill the space or use stars to fill in empty space between tattoos but star-themed tattoo sleeves will seriously beef up your measly single star tattoos.

Star Tattoo Sleeve
@adamfu77 / Instagram

30. Star Tattoo on Chest

Chests are the perfect tattoo canvas thanks to the large space (obviously), so any star tattoo designs should fit no problem. Star tattoos on the chest historically stand for someone who survived serious trauma at sea. Want the tattoo but you’re not an injured seaman? Don’t worry, no one has to know the truth.

Star Tattoo on Chest
@laduguer / Instagram

31. Star Wrist Tattoo

It hurts so bad you might see stars, but one of the most popular spots for star tattoo designs of all kinds is the wrist. You can flash it any time and hide it pretty easy too with a wristband, watch, or long sleeves. So if you want people to see your body art, give these star wrist tattoos a look.

Star Tattoo on Wrist
@in_loving_memory_tattoo_shop / Instagram

32. Star Tattoo on Hand

Star tattoos on hands are another hugely popular spot but will always be visible, so keep that in mind but embrace it, or maybe go for those star wrist tattoos you just saw.

Star Hand Tattoo
@jennharritattoo / Instagram

33. Star Behind Ear Tattoo

One of the most discreet and stylish tattoos to have become popular recently are the ‘star behind the ear’ tattoo. Behind the ear tattoos are said to symbolize gentleness, but getting inked back there is supposed to hurt like crazy. Don’t get cold feet though, because this spot looks awesome with some ink.

Star Behind Ear Tattoo
@katys_tattooing / Instagram

34. Star Neck Tattoo

Not exactly the easiest to hide location, but if you’re considering star neck tattoos you know that already. Definitely one of the most hardcore spots to get inked, it’s a decent size canvas too. Incredible star neck sleeves anyone?

Star Neck Tattoo
@dalaman.onyx.tattoo48 / Instagram

35. Star Tattoo on Shoulder

The star tattoo design you will run into the most out in the wild is the star tattoo on the shoulders. A versatile spot where you can go big or small, intricate or simple. It’s the GOAT for a reason; it’s powerful and commands respect.

Star Tattoo on Shoulder
@tattoobyebills / Instagram

36. Star Finger Tattoo

Small but sexy, star finger tattoos are a good way to keep tattoos simple and discreet but still hold real meaning. Almost any profession can rock a tiny tattoo on their finger if they’re smart about it, so go for that finger flare!

Star Finger Tattoo
@hippie.wife4life / Instagram

37. Star Tattoo on Arm

If you want to show off your star tattoo when you’re out, star tattoos on the arms are a perfect way to get that done. It’s a big enough canvas to fit fire tattoos of all kinds, so you don’t have to rip your shirt off to flaunt your body art.

Star Tattoo on Arm
@ivantattoomilanovic / Instagram

38. Star Tattoo on Foot

Another discreet and awesome look is star tattoos on feet. Easy to show off and even easier to hide if you don’t want mom to freak out. Just remember to put those socks on that she got you for Christmas. 

Star Tattoo on Foot
@blaqsheeptattoos / Instagram

39. Star Knee Tattoo

Get star knee tattoos if you refuse to kneel to any man. You know you never back down, so why not let everyone else know? If you’re the type to stand your ground, star knee tattoos  are perfect.

Star Knee Tattoo
@inkyanna__inflicted_minds / Instagram

40. Star Tattoo on Back

The largest, flattest canvas on our body, star tattoos on backs really has endless possibilities. Maybe a galaxy backpiece full of stars and planets? Yes, please.

Star Back Tattoo
@bttattoobangkokthailand / Instagram

Star Tattoo FAQ:

What does a star tattoo mean?

Star tattoos have many origins and meanings as we have seen in this article. From nautical travels to the mysteries of the galaxy, star tattoo designs can really mean anything that you want them to mean. But if you like to base your tattoos on traditional meanings they typically resemble hope, desire, honor, intuition, and guidance.

What is the meaning of a 5-point star tattoo?

The five-point star (also referred to as the pentagram) appears on everything from flags to ancient artifacts but the rise of its popularity isn’t properly recorded. The stars have led humans through battles, across oceans, and back home for thousands of years, it’s no wonder humans have had such an obsession with them and put them on anything and everything. For your purposes of getting a tattoo – many people associate the five-point star with ambition, guidance, and hope. A star can be a good reminder to keep trying, follow your goals and trust yourself on your own journey.

What does a star tattoo behind the ear mean?

If you treat stars as a ‘compass’ then getting a star tattoo behind your ear may be a symbol of guidance. Getting one behind the ear could also mean you are a fighter unwilling to give up until you reach the very top. Either way, feel free to assign your own meaning to your ‘stardom.’

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