53 Excellent Taurus Tattoo Design Ideas with Meaning

Taurus tattoo design ideasTaurus tattoo design ideas

Discover timeless and relatable Taurus tattoo designs that perfectly capture the down-to-earth nature of Taureans. These tattoos may not be the most extravagant or colorful, but they exude a sense of class and beauty. Ruled by Venus, Taureans have an eye for cohesive color palettes, clean lines, and high-quality materials. Whether you prefer small and simple or intricate and bold, there’s a Taurus tattoo design that represents your unique identity. Explore these stunning options and embrace your Taurean traits with pride.

Taurus symbols and elements explained.

Taurus tattoos are more than bulls. Here is a list of Taurus elements to add some twists to your ink.

Taurus tattoo design ideas
Taurus tattoo design ideas

The glyph, or Taurus symbol, is in the shape of a bull’s head and horn.

The Taurus sign is represented by the Bull, a tenacious animal with great strength.

They work consistently on their goals until they achieve what they want. Most of the time, the bulls are calm and quiet, just like Taurus. But they can be explosive when irritated. Their horns are the warning signs for anyone who messes with them.

Earth signs are known to be practical, down-to-earth, and reliable. Just like Virgo and Capricorn, Taurus has similar earthy qualities.

Venus rules the zodiac sign Taurus. It also controls love and prosperity in our lives. With the influences of its ruling planet, Taurus values financial stability and intimacy.

It’s their core value to spend a good life with their soulmate. In the meantime, they keep their eyes on the stars and feet on the ground.

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Stunning Taurus tattoos with meaning

Small and simple Taurus tattoo ideas

Small doesn’t mean boring. With a creative twist, the following small Taurus tattoos manage to be both simple and classy.

Taurus and poppy tattoo

Taurus and poppy tattoo by @bunami.ink_


Poppy is the birth flower of the Taurus sign. But, unlike normal flower tattoos that often symbolize beauty and love, it represents life and death. And it gives this simple tattoo a deeper meaning.

Black and grey bull hip tattoo

Black and grey bull hip tattoo

The bull is the symbol of Taurus. But it’s not the most feminine tattoo motif. So if you are getting a Taurus tattoo for women, it’s a good idea to keep it small.

Bull rib cage tattoo

Bull rib cage tattoo by @olimpia.ink_


Bull tattoos don’t have to be humongous like the animal itself. By keeping only its outline and adding flowers, this tattoo turns the bull into girly imagery.

Cute lollipop tattoo

Cute lollipop tattoo by @thatgirlnamedgg


If you have an object in mind that represents your personality, adding a zodiac glyph is a way to make it more personal. The lollipop in this tattoo, for example, reveals the bubbly nature of the wearer. And the tiny Taurus glyph subtly showcases her Taurean pride.

Floral foot tattoo

Floral foot tattoo by @aeri_tattoo


The foot is not an ordinary tattoo placement. However, with an elegant star tattoo like this, you can rock the look with no problem.

Small heart shape shoulder tattoo

Small heart shape shoulder tattoo by @willem_tattoo


Heart-shaped tattoos might be cliché. But what if you add your own style to it? This tiny heart with two horns sets a perfect example.

Small Taurus and flowers tattoo

Small Taurus and flowers tattoo by @unth_ink_able


If the Taurus glyph is too simple for you, level it up with decorative elements like flowers.

Abstract line art wrist tattoo

Abstract line art wrist tattoo by @tintahanan_tattoo


The simplicity of line art is irreplaceable. For minimalists, single-lined tattoos like this would fit their aesthetics.

Small Taurus symbol forearm tattoo

Small Taurus symbol forearm tattoo by @mert.nyc_


There might only be one Taurus glyph in the world. But with a creative twist, you can make it unique, as shown in this small forearm tattoo.

Matching Taurus and Leo wrist tattoos

Matching Taurus and Leo wrist tattoos by @sey8n


Bracelet tattoos are so unique because they are like permanent accessories. These matching ink, for example, transform the constellations of Leo and Taurus into two matching bracelets, simple and elegant.

Full moon and Taurus constellation

Full moon and Taurus constellation by @tattooist_sigak


The moon is a symbol of femininity. And it matches the constellation so well. So if you want something cosmic, this combination could be what you are looking for.

Light as feather

Light as feather by @tattooist_giho_


Not every zodiac tattoos have to be literal. For example, in this upper arm tattoo, the constellation takes the backseat and complements the feather in the foreground.

Minimalist constellation tattoo

Minimalist constellation tattoo for Taurus by @firstjing


If you want a more abstract zodiac tattoo, you can leave the lines of a constellation out and keep only the stars. However, this forearm tattoo goes one step further to switch the stars to dots and a daisy. It’s not only simple but will also keep people guessing.

Multicolor minimalist Taurus tattoo

Multicolor minimalist Taurus tattoo by @madgreytattoo


While the glyph and constellation are relatively simple motifs, adding colors makes a tattoo more interesting.

Tiny Taurus symbol behind the ear

Tiny Taurus symbol behind the ear by @rusalka.ink_


If you want a discreet tattoo, the back of the ear is the perfect placement. A tiny Taurus behind-the-ear tat like this one will give you the flexibility to hide or show it.

Bold and beautiful Taurus tattoos

Not everyone wants a daring piece of ink. But if you are feeling confident, you will rock these big, bold Taurus tattoos.

Stunning emerald Taurus girl

Stunning emerald Taurus girl by @lilianraya


The emerald is the birthstone of May. This portrait tattoo has a stunning emerald tone, making it perfect for Taurus born in May.

Intricate spine tattoo for Taurus

Intricate spine tattoo for Taurus by @aksinya.tattoo


The bull can be a little masculine for girls. But in this spine tattoo, the flowers and fine lines soften the imagery.

Taurus hand tattoo

Taurus hand tattoo by @themanyao


Hand tattoos are always visible. So if you are proud to be a Taurus, an intricate hand tattoo like this will make a statement.

Goddess and the bull thigh tattoo

Goddess and the bull thigh tattoo by @fany.ink_


A good thing about a zodiac goddess tattoo is that you can personalize it to your style. Be it the angelic, the fierce, or the devilish. If it represents your personality, it would be a timeless tattoo.

Girly Taurus forearm tattoo

Girly Taurus forearm tattoo by @specalski.tattoo


Drawing hair and flowers in detail is not easy on paper, not to mention on the skin. So if you are going for something as intricate as this one, make sure you find the right tattooist for the job.

Taurus lettering tattoo

Taurus lettering tattoo on the thigh by @beirxtt


Script tattoos or one-word tattoos are so versatile. You can modify the font, the space between characters, or the boldness to your liking.

Minimalist upper arm Taurus tattoo

Minimalist upper arm Taurus tattoo by @xiso_ink


Most constellation tattoos are in black and grey. However, if you want to make them pop, you can add a shade of vibrant color like this shoulder tattoo.

Tribal bull tattoo

Tribal bull tattoo by @valbertosales


Tribal tattoos are often in stripes or wrapped around a body part. This one is in the shape of a bull, ideal for Taurus men.

Black and grey Taurus girl tattoo

Black and grey Taurus girl tattoo by @micol.tattoo


If you opt for portrait tattoos, one way to find the style you want is to browse as many examples as possible. Traditional, blackwork, minimalist, illustrative, the more you see, the closer you get to the right one.

Taurus constellation rib tattoo

Taurus constellation rib tattoo by @patyfedrigo


Tattooing on the rib can be painful, especially in the boney area, because the skin is relatively thin. And it is a good idea to have something simpler like a constellation.

Elegant bull floral tattoo with initial

Elegant bull floral tattoo by @sangretinto


If you think bulls are too common and too popular, why not make it personal by adding your initial? With the letter J, this bull tattoo instantly gets more relatable.

Taurus cosmic tattoo

Taurus cosmic tattoo by @min_tattoo


Another way to personalize a common tattoo element is to add the date of birth. Or it can be a meaningful number like the zip code of your childhood home or anniversary date.

The bull goddess

The bull goddess by @jezzabellgem


Taurus value structure and balance. This tattoo meets their criteria. The shape of the girl’s horns mirrors that of the moon. And the way they glow makes it even more cohesive.

Abstract arm tattoo for Taurus

Abstract arm tattoo for Taurus by @pokedby_liza


This back of the arm tattoo is proof that an abstract design can be meaningful, too. The horns represent the Taurus sign. The moon symbolizes calmness, and the light reveals the wearer’s cheerful personality.

Taurus constellation hand tattoo

Taurus constellation hand tattoo by @cherie.beautyco


If you love the simplicity of constellations but want to make a statement, consider ink on the hand.

The Taurus girl

The Taurus girl by @mrdavidpoe


A tattoo doesn’t have to have all the lines and shading perfect. This blackwork looks like a work in progress. You can almost see the sketch lines of the art. But it’s the imperfection that makes it an artistic tattoo.

Intricate between the boobs Taurus tattoo

Intricate between the boobs Taurus tattoo by @laissntattoo


Most between-the-boobs tattoos are symmetrical. This one, however, goes the other direction. By placing the moon and the sun on either end of the horn, the tattoo creates a yin and yang asymmetrical balance.

Sleek bull tattoo on the arm

Sleek bull tattoo on the arm by @armminie.chan_


Taureans are, most of the time, mild and calm. But not so much when you exhaust their patience. This fire above the bull will be the perfect hint of the bull’s temper.

Taurus girl sleeve tattoo

Taurus girl sleeve tattoo by @genevieve_vialle


Taurus people are super earthy. Because it’s an earth sign, Taureans find peace when they are in nature. This tattoo turns this personality trait into beautiful art.

Symbolic arm tattoo

Symbolic arm tattoo by @lenasnow.tattoo


Arm tattoos work for most designs, whether the forearm or upper arm. With the flat space and elongated area, you can go big or small as you wish.

Taurus symbol chest tattoo

Taurus symbol chest tattoo by @dst.tattoo


If you are Taurean to the core, why not place a glyph close to your heart like this one?

Sleek Taurus zodiac tattoo

Sleek Taurus zodiac tattoo by @luanadorea


Tattooing an entire figure could easily be overwhelming because of all the details. This tattoo, however, goes for a faceless design and keeps the attention on the body and the zodiac symbols.

Girl and the bull sleeve tattoo

Girl and the bull sleeve tattoo by @tattooming1


Yes, bulls can be aggressive. But when they are in loving hands, they are gentle. This is similar to the Taurus sign, capable of being fierce and calm depending on who they are with.

Taurus symbol ankle tattoo

Taurus symbol ankle tattoo by @tattooartist_soyeon


A good thing about choosing the glyph to represent your sign is that you can layer other elements on it. And the entire design will still look cohesive.

Creative tattoos for Taurus men and women

Taurus tattoos are not always about bulls, glyphs, and constellations. The following designs explore more possibilities. Don’t miss these creative tattoos if you want to showcase your Taurus pride subtly.

Gorgeous nape tattoo for Taurus women

Gorgeous nape tattoo for Taurus women by @crazynees.ink_


You don’t need to tattoo the entire bull to make it Taurus. Instead, you can keep only the horns, like this neck tattoo. And the design will still be relatable.

Black and grey Taurus tattoo

Black and grey Taurus tattoo by @fahrettinouz


If you want a dramatic effect on a tattoo, consider something as original as this one. The artist paints the horns super long, and the figure seems to be leaning back and taking a deep breath. The energy translates onto the skin and makes the tattoo one-of-a-kind.

Floral thigh tattoo

Floral thigh tattoo by @lakimii_neu_ulm


Have you ever considered a side of the thigh tattoo? While most thigh tattoos for women have extensive coverages of flowers and leaves, a bull adds a personality.

Snake tattoo for Taurus

Snake tattoo for Taurus by @silky.jo_


Snake tattoos are often symbols of protection and temptations. If you resonate with the meaning, why not combine the snake with a glyph to create something original?

Taurus floral armband tattoo

Taurus floral armband tattoo by @bunami.ink_


Floral armband tattoos are not rare. What’s special about this one is the constellation right in the middle of it. Though the flowers are not connected, it puts the stars in the center of the spotlight.

Crescent moon and Taurus

Crescent moon and Taurus tattoo by @1026_45


There is so much you can do with a constellation tattoo, and this one gives another option. Turning the constellation into flowers and branches oozes elegance and femininity.

Half-realism half-geometric back tattoo

Half-realism half-geometric back tattoo for Taurus by @benosquarebali


Realism and geometry are two different styles. But if you want both details and simplicity, why not marry them together like this back tattoo?

Girly pink floral tattoo on the back

Girly pink floral tattoo on the back by @peria_tattoo


The shape of a crescent moon looks like the horns of a bull, which provides another possibility for Taurus tattoos. And the way the petals fall from above the flower adds motion to a static design.

Matching sibling Taurus tattoos

Matching sibling Taurus tattoos by @xinaink


Matching tattoos don’t need to have the same placement. Take these two sibling tattoos, for example. Each sibling gets to pick an area they are comfortable with, and the tattoos will still be proof of an unbreakable bond.

Taurus and Pisces back tattoo

Taurus and Pisces back tattoo by @i.charli.tattoo


Zodiac tattoos can be a token of love. Putting your zodiac sign alongside that of your loved one is not just romantic. It will also represent a lifetime commitment.

Bull skull bicep tattoo

Bull skull bicep tattoo by @tattoobyemre_


A bull skull tattoo is more badass and intense than a bull. If you are not afraid of standing out, you will rock this look.

Badass Taurus man tattoo

Badass Taurus man tattoo by @defeee


Some tattoos are meant to catch eyeballs, and this is one of them. The wearer’s boldness and creativity are perfectly translated in this design. And the quotation marks lock your attention on it.

Realism forearm tattoo

Realism forearm tattoo by @piotrindulski


A realism bull might not be the most creative Taurus tattoo. But the tattooist draws the horn out of the frame and makes it feel like the bull is walking out any moment.

Disclaimer: This collection of Taurus tattoos is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

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