35 Of The Best Taurus Tattoos For Men in 2024

Taurus Tattoo, Bull Tattoo

With more and more people gaining an interest in astrology, it’s no surprise zodiac-related tattoos are on the rise. Traditionally, men who get a specific Taurus design (represented by the bull) have birthdays between April 19th and May 20th. However, several different Taurus tattoo ideas extend far beyond the realm of astrology.

Bull or ox tattoos typically represent power and strength – although paired with the zodiac the meanings can be endless. Men with Taurus in their birth chart typically desire stability in their work and social life, are incredibly loyal to those around them, can be stubborn (or just always right?), enjoy the finer things in life, and have an infinity for food (and snacks – but who doesn’t?).

To find the best bull to grab by the horns, keep reading to find our best Taurus tattoo ideas for men. No zodiac placement required. 

1. Taurus Tattoo

When choosing a Taurus tattoo design, you can take several routes, from an actual bull to the Taurus constellation’s delicate and intricate design. Take the unique path that Taurus’ love and combine a few different options. 

Taurus Tattoo
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2. Taurus Constellation Tattoo

If you are hoping to get a smaller Taurus design in a delicate line drawing tattoo style, a Taurus constellation tattoo might be your best bet. The perfect way to pay homage to your sign or that of someone you love, it will be easy to place (and conceal if needed) anywhere on your body. 

Taurus Constellation Tattoo
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3. Taurus Bull Tattoo

Bull tattoos hardly go unnoticed for those searching for a larger, statement-making tattoo. The bull is a very masculine animal, representing strength and power. Choose a full-body piece or just the head, and this tattoo will be well represented across many styles. 

Taurus Bull Tattoo
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4. Zodiac Taurus Tattoo

In addition to the constellation or bull, another option when looking into Taurus tattoos is to get the actual zodiac symbol, depicted as a circle with two curved horn-like lines emerging from the top. According to astrology, another interpretation would be the symbol of the planet Venus, which rules over the Taurus in astrology. 

Zodiac Taurus Tattoo
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5. Small Taurus Tattoo

From basic symbols to constellations, you don’t have to get something that covers large portions of your body to get a stunning Taurus tattoo. From the ankle to your pinky finger, there is a spot on the canvas for one of these.

Small Taurus Tattoo
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6. Taurus Flower Tattoo

Taurus flower tattoos are the perfect way to lighten things up if you want to channel softer energy (great for a tattoo dedicated to mom). From having flowers surrounding the bull’s neck to adding flowers into the symbol’s background, there are several options for integrating flowers into your design.

Taurus Flower Tattoo
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7. Tribal Taurus Tattoo

Popularized worldwide in the early 90s, tribal tattoos have actually been around throughout centuries of history. There are many options for this tattoo; however, make sure you do your homework on this one first. There is nothing worse (well, not many things) than getting a permanent image that may offend other cultures.  

Tribal Taurus Tattoo
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8. Simple Taurus Tattoo

Create a simple Taurus tattoo with either a minimalist bull outline, a bull skull, or astrological symbols. Keep in mind that if you want your tattoo to look as simple as possible, you’ll want to avoid shading or coloring. Consider the fine line tattoo artists to get the most out of this tattoo.  

Simple Taurus Tattoo
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9. Scorpio and Taurus Tattoo

In astrology, Taurus and Scorpio are ‘sister signs,’ which means they are opposites. Scorpio and Taurus tattoos add an element of polarity, blending two negatives to create cohesion and harmony. Perfect for best friend or family tattoos. 

Scorpio and Taurus Tattoo
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10. Taurus and Skull Tattoo

If you’re looking for something a bit more poetic, or dark depending, look no further. Adding Taurus symbolism to a bull skull tattoo will help distinguish it from just a regular old bull skull tattoo to create something unique to you. 

Taurus and Skull Tattoo
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11. Taurus and Cancer Tattoo

The zodiac symbols of Taurus and Cancer easily blend into an excellent, cohesive sign, making Taurus and Cancer tattoos a superb choice for those who might have both Taurus and Cancer in their natal charts. 

Taurus and Cancer Tattoo
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12. Taurus and Libra Tattoo

Both ruled by the planet Venus, Libra and Taurus are two signs that complement one another with ease. Having a combination of Taurus and Libra tattoos on your body should promote harmony, beauty, and balance — or at least show it off. 

Taurus and Libra Tattoo
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13. Taurus and Leo Tattoo

 A lion represents the astrological sign of Leo, a tattoo that combines this with the Taurus symbolism means the ultimate display of power, leadership, and strength. You could choose to either connect the symbols of each Zodiac sign or go wild and get the actual animals themselves. 

Taurus and Leo Tattoo
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14. Taurus and Virgo Tattoo

If you need some extra grounding in your life, a Taurus and Virgo tattoo might be for you. Both Taurus and Virgo are Earth signs of the zodiac and promote the characteristics of reliability, intelligence, and groundedness both apart and together. 

Taurus and Virgo Tattoo
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15. Taurus Goddess Tattoo

A Taurus Goddess tattoo is a unique twist on the classic ‘pinup girl’ ink. You can either go the more alluring route or stick with an artsy and abstract tattoo to depict this astrological beauty.

Taurus Goddess Tattoo
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16. Taurus Bull Skull Tattoo

Whether you want to add a basic skull outline or do something with a bit more of a patriotic tattoo flair with an American flag embellishment; Taurus bull skull tattoos have a diverse style range for whatever direction you take the design. 

Taurus Bull Skull Tattoo
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17. Taurus Geometric Tattoo

If you’re into the metaphysical side of life, adding some sacred geometry to your zodiac-centered tattoo can level up this basic astrological design. To ensure that your geometric design looks top-notch, be sure to request some detailed shading, adding a three-dimensional touch. 

Taurus Geometric Tattoo
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Other Bull Tattoos 

18. Ox Tattoo

Similar to a bull, the ox represents strength and perseverance. The ox is often described as stronger than the bull, making ox tattoos a tremendous and potentially rare ink idea when depicting the Taurus zodiac sign. 

Ox Tattoo
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19. Chinese Ox Tattoo

Chinese ox tattoos are a creative option for those born under the year of the ox in the Chinese calendar; it represents strong personality and fortune. It’s also a great opportunity to get creative with animation and color. 

Chinese Ox Tattoo
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20. Blue Ox Tattoo

Babe, the blue ox, is a character from the mythical story of lumberjack hero Paul Bunyan. Said to have been dyed blue from the snow, the blue ox is Paul’s companion, representing strength and the ability to overcome obstacles in life. Adding blue to your bull tattoo could also be an option to get some color in your tattoo.

Blue Ox Tattoo
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21. Bull Head Tattoo

For those who want the image of the bull tattooed without the entire body, a simple head gives you the best of both worlds. Having only the head tattooed also gives you the option to have even more details in the face and horns without the extra time and money it would take.

Bull Head Tattoo
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22. Brahma Bull Tattoo

If Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has a Brahma bull tattoo, it can’t be that bad of a choice. Brahma bull tattoos tend to have snarling faces, with steam coming out of their nose. These tattoos, therefore, tend to be designed on the more playful side but still manage to look fierce.  

Brahma Bull Tattoo
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23. Charging Bull Tattoo

Charging bull tattoos are a fun Taurus tattoo idea for the action-oriented man. In addition to holding all of the same symbolism that other Taurus or bull tattoos have, the charging aspect shows the animal’s ferocity. 

Charging Bull Tattoo
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24. Bull Horn Tattoo

You know the saying, ‘mess with the bull, get the horns.’ Bull horn tattoos are a distinct aesthetic option open to many different styles of tattooing. This is a great choice for a minimalist tattoo with limited shedding.

Bull Horn Tattoo
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25. Angry Bull Tattoo

The bull is known for its strength and power; by making the bull angry, the tattoo can showcase the power in darker and more intimidating emotions. You can also flip it and make it comical and cartoon-like; there’s no wrong answer. 

Angry Bull Tattoo
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26. Realistic Bull Tattoo

From delicate line work to careful shading, realistic bull tattoos often become some of the most beautiful Taurus tattoos. Either pair your realistic bull tattoo with a natural background or leave the figure as is for zero distraction. 

Realistic Bull Tattoo
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27. Wall Street Bull Tattoo

Whether you are an investment banker or you like the design of the iconic Wall Street bull in NYC (or really like finance), getting a Wall Street bull tattoo is a unique way to showcase one’s desire and drive to be successful. 

Wall Street Bull Tattoo
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28. Celtic Bull Tattoo

Like the tribal tattoo, Celtic bull tattoos have a unique design that is more abstract. This tattoo requires a lot of shading, good to keep in mind before sitting down in the chair. 

Celtic Bull Tattoo
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29. Japanese Bull Tattoo

While some Japanese artwork takes a more realistic approach, Japanese bull tattoos look more animated. Created with color, especially red, this can be a fun style to showcase your Taurus tattoo.  

Japanese Bull Tattoo
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Best Bull and Taurus Tattoo Placement 

30. Bull Tattoo Sleeve

Bull tattoo sleeves give you a lot of creative freedom for design. From creating an entire scene with a bull at the center or adding a variety of different kinds of bulls, there are several directions you could go with a bull tattoo sleeve. Just make sure you can commit to the amount of time it will take to create and heal — as well as how much money you will be investing in it. 

Bull Tattoo Sleeve
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31. Taurus Neck Tattoo

Since the neck is restricted in size, a smaller Taurus neck tattoo would look cleaner than trying to fit a more significant piece. The neck, preferably behind the ear, is a great spot for Taurus constellation or symbol tattoos. If that’s still daunting to you, try a tattoo in the center of the back with part of the tattoo creeping up onto the back of the neck.  

Taurus Neck Tattoo
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32. Taurus Shoulder Tattoo

The round edge of the shoulder creates an incredible illusion for any tattoo, but especially Taurus shoulder tattoos. The face of a bull surrounded by imagery such as flowers or greenery would fit perfectly across any man’s shoulder. 

Taurus Tattoo Bull tattoo
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33. Taurus Finger Tattoo

Though Taurus finger tattoos are not the best option for those wanting to get some ink that is super eye-catching or large, they are great for men who want something small and subtle. 

Taurus Finger Tattoo
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34. Taurus Chest Tattoo

Taurus chest tattoos are perfect for those looking to add a more significant piece to their body without it commanding attention all the time.

Taurus Chest Tattoo
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Taurus Tattoo and Bull Tattoo FAQ:

What does a Taurus tattoo mean?

For the most part, men who get Taurus tattoos are usually born under the sign of Taurus. However, because bulls represent a “fighting spirit,” you can get this design without being a Taurus yourself. Some men just appreciate the symbolism that a Taurus or bull tattoo holds.

What is the meaning of a bull skull tattoo?

A bull skull tattoo often represents a variety of deeper meanings such as death, strength, protection, and courage. While you can easily design a bull skull tattoo to stand alone, many men also embellished them with details such as flowers, flags, or even cactus’.

Why does ‘The Rock’ have a bull tattoo?

According to the famous actor himself, he chose to get a bull tattoo to embody better the concepts of ‘strength, resilience, heart, power, and defiance.’ 

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